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4 Must-Read Tips for a Productive Workstation

Productive workstations with the hard working employeesMost people spend eight hours a day sitting behind their desks. Many of them end their day with aches all over their body because of improper posture brought about by the improper positioning of their work tools.

To remedy this problem, all companies should seek to build an ergonomic work environment for all employees. However, it is still an employee’s responsibility to make sure he or she is using these ergonomic products properly. For a future without pains and aches, here are some tips for you to follow:


To achieve ergonomic office workstations, the first step is to establish good posture. It starts with how one naturally sits. With a relaxed posture, there should not be stress on any angles or excessive reaching to accomplish tasks.

To do this, one should put his or her feet flat on the floor, adjust the chair to the correct height, sit back, and relax shoulders on backrests.

Chairs and desks

Ergonomic furniture is typically high quality and adjustable. To avoid aches and pains, employees should be able to adjust or tailor their furniture to their needs. The placement of tools like the keyboard and mouse is important as well.

Ideally, they should be two inches above one’s thighs. In order to achieve this, tables should have a keyboard tray. If not, adjusting the chair would do but make sure to have a footrest to keep your feel comfortable.


Usually, incorrectly positioned monitors affect neck health. Monitors should be placed at eye level and far enough that when you extend your arm only your middle finger should touch the screen.

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Health requires movement. Moving around helps you stretch, improve your circulation, rest your eyes, and clear your head.

Nowadays, no one can afford to be less efficient. With an ergonomic workstation, productivity will be achieved. This will make you happy and your career moves up the track.

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