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4 Strangely Yet Extraordinary Ways to Paint Your Interiors

Tools for paintingNew paint could do wonders for any space in your home, and since painting is among the most popular DIY projects for homeowners, perhaps you could try your hand at it too. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to changing the colour of your walls, get inspired by these unusual paint ideas for vamping up your space.

High Contrast is the Way to Go

While that timber wainscoting looks great in your entryway, you could update it with paint for some much-needed illusion of volume and contrast. A lighter shade above would make your space seem higher, while a darker shade on the bottom would ground the whole space.

Opt for Patterned Rollers to Get Texture

You could create elaborate and intricate designs on your walls even if you’re not exactly the artist type. You could apply artful patterns on your wall with patterned paint rollers, which are easier to use than stencils. These are also interchangeable and reusable, which are ideal for DIY enthusiasts. For seamless results, however, make sure to follow the previous line you rolled carefully to match the pattern.

Create Multiple Spaces in an Open Floor Plan

Painting the walls with different colours could easily enliven the space. However, did you know that you could make a room look larger by using colour for defining sections in a room with an open floor plan? Paint the walls, floors, and ceiling of one portion of a bigger space a different paint colour to create the illusion of a space within a space, suggests Gavin Chan Decorators Limited and other top residential painters in Wellington. This effect would be particularly dramatic when you have contrasting colours meet in the middle portion of the wall rather than at two intersecting walls’ corners.

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On to the Ceiling

If your ceiling is a boring white, you could inject some character and interest by painting it something else other than white. In general, a lighter-coloured ceiling would make your walls seem higher, while a darker-coloured ceiling would lend a more intimate and cosier vibe to a room.

You don’t have to be an expert DIY-er to make these painting ideas come to life. Considering that you have the time, skill, and energy to do so, you could tackle these projects yourself one day at a time. From contrasting colours to textured rollers and ingenious painting techniques, you could put some life back into your tired, old walls like a pro.

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