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A Better Future by Learning German?

German Language Education in DubaiParents who tell others that they encourage their children to learn German might get one of three responses:

  • ‘Isn’t that too difficult for kids?’
  • ‘Why German? Why not *insert another language here*?’
  • ‘Can learning German help your child have a better future?’

With an abundance of other languages out there, many people do not immediately see the value of learning how to speak German. Why would parents ‘subject’ their kid to such difficulty? With all the grammar rules, conjugations and noun cases, others might think the language could be overwhelming to kids. Also, is it relevant enough for the younger generation to learn?

What do they gain from it?

The Case for the German Language

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai believes that learning a second language – German being one of the choices – is beneficial to kids, in many ways. The IB school in Dubai is of the opinion that there are plenty of good reasons to encourage children to take up German.

Do not just look at it from a linguistic point-of-view. Sure, there is a multitude of languages that are, perhaps, easier to learn, or are a more popular choice; but in the field of networks and economic opportunities, the German language can help pave the path towards a smoother future for the kids.

The Language of Innovators and Investors

German is the country poets and of creative thinkers (think Das Land der Dichter und Denker). A massive amount of the world’s achievements were due to German creativity and dedication. In fact, a number of Germans are proud bearers of Noble Prizes in different fields: medicine, chemistry, physics and literature.

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The study of the German language can help to improve your child’s pursuit of innovation or inventions. With enough push, they can use this language to their advantage.

An Economic Powerhouse

Apart from academic reasons, learning German may also boost your child’s path, in terms of businesses. The country boasts one of the biggest economies in the EU – all thanks to the numerous powerhouse corporations in Germany. Knowing the language gives your child a better shot with the economic giants of the world.

German might not be the first choice for a number of people, but your child will surely benefit from it. Do not listen to popular belief – trust this language to help your children reach for the stars.

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