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Buying a Home: Significant Factors That Impact on the Value of Your Property

Person holding coins and a dollhouseHomes are a significant investment. Unfortunately, some homeowners are not aware that some things that are out of their control could diminish the value of their property.

Home buyer companies are always particular about these seemingly minute details when it is time to sell. Amenities like good schools and parks can boost your home value. A garbage dump next to your home may not. There are things you need to consider so that your home investment does not turn into a property that nobody wants later. Here are some others:


Things like foreclosures, train tracks and airports lead to lots of noise pollution that devalue your home. Other bad neighborhood conditions include landfills, power plants, dodgy businesses, criminal activities, cell phone towers, power lines, a gun range nearby or a highway. Explore the location and avoid investing in property within such areas.


When purchasing a family unit, buyers will be looking forward to taking their children to good schools. In such cases, healthy and flourishing institutions boost the value of a property.

Owner Demographics

For most people, purchasing a home is a lifetime undertaking, and a lot of research goes into finding one. Potential buyers will find out significant events that have occurred around and people associated with the area. Avoid areas with known registered sex offenders, unruly pet owners, and hoarders.

Property Management

The maintenance of the property as seen in the state of shared facilities has a significant bearing on the attractiveness of individual units. Avoid properties with poor landscapes, rotting fences, and too many artificial installations. Cracked, peeling and faded paint is also a turnoff. To appeal to a wide buyer base, opt for areas with manicured lawns, well-maintained driveways, an equipped gym, and a functional swimming pool.

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Life is ever-changing, and we can never be certain how long we will be in one place. Work relocation, financial growth, and life-altering events may see us wanting to dispose of a house when you least expect it. Bear these in mind when buying to make it easy for you to sell when the time comes.

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