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Campus Check: Is Your School Toilet Hygienic?

Public restroomIt may seem like a bit of a stretch to say that the condition of school toilets affects academic success, but experts believe so. According to researchers from Otago University and Public Health South, most NZ students struggle with unsanitary facilities in school, putting them at risk for health problems.

Avoiding restrooms because they stink, for instance, may contribute to urinary tract infections. Unclean hand-washing spaces increase the likelihood of spreading germs faster. When students’ well-being goes down the drain, academic success follows.

That said, make sure to pay attention to these key areas in your school restroom to ensure a hygienic space for students:

Toilet Surfaces

Surfaces like bowls and cubicles are notorious for breeding bacteria. It’s then important to treat them with sanitising solutions regularly to cut the risk of cross-contamination. It would be best if your toilet bowls and urinals have high-pressure flushes to make sure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

There should be a loo roll provided at all times, and trash bins must be emptied regularly. For partitions in the toilet, consider the material, as this will determine the ease of maintenance.

Hand Washing and Drying Stations

The general rule you want to keep in mind when improving this station is this: ‘less touch, less germ latched.’ So invest in motion-sensing faucets, touch-free soap dispensers, and electronic paper hand towel machines. The same principle applies to doors.

You may have no-touch hand washers and dryers, but if the entrances and exits are forgotten, there’s still an increased risk for germ spreading. An automatic door can help in preventing this.

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Odour Control

Nasty smells may cause students to develop unhealthy toilet habits, like holding pee or ignoring the urge to poop. There’s scientific evidence that these routines can cause health conditions, which would mean increased absenteeism.

The good thing about this is, there are air fresheners that have built-in smart technology that could effectively get rid of the foul odours. It’s especially crucial to use such in the ladies’ restroom, where feminine hygiene items are disposed.

Re-evaluate the condition of your toilets. Does it provide a conducive environment for students’ well-being? Or does it increase their risk for health problems? Perhaps it’s time for a change.

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