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Can You Control Bed Bugs with Any Pesticide?

shadow of a bug on the bedBed bugs may be tiny little creatures, but they should be taken seriously. If you or family members, for instance, have been suffering from itchy bed bugs bites on different body parts, it’s not enough to rely on insect bite patches or repellent lotion. The same is also true using any kind of pesticide and spraying it all over the room or the bed.

Mind the Risks

While bed bugs may avoid surfaces sprayed with the product, not all pesticides are intended for the said insects. This can harm your family’s health and make the bed bug problem worse. There’s also the risk of causing the bed bugs to spread out or look for other hiding places. The chemicals in pesticides may also be dangerous when spilled, misapplied, or discarded improperly.

Using insect repellents or pesticides may be cheaper or faster than calling bed bug removal companies, but it isn’t the right way to deal with them. If you have an outdoor insecticide inside your home, it can be too strong indoors and lead to allergic reactions and other adverse effects like skin and nose irritation, watering of the eyes, and difficulty breathing.

Effective Control

You may not realize it, but using pesticides can lead to a costly and lengthy battle with bed bugs. If you want to control these insects effectively, you need to call a pest control company that can also educate you about integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. These may include:

  • Regular cleaning and vacuuming,
  • Using mattress encasements,
  • Reducing clutter, and
  • Using extreme temperature to kill eggs and hiding bugs.
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Pesticides may be a part of IPM, but you shouldn’t just use any product. You should also know that some bed bugs have developed resistance to common chemicals or pesticides. This only means certain sprays may not be effective, regardless of the amount you use. You need to avoid using pesticides on a daily basis to keep the bed bugs from developing resistance or spreading out.

If you’ve got bed bug problems, leave it to the pros. This will give you peace of mind that these tiny little creatures are effectively controlled.

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