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What Caused America’s Shortage of Truck Drivers?

Truck driver inside truck driving

The subtle impact of new rules in 2004 for measuring the maximum work hours for U.S. truck drivers caused a shortage of employees, but companies are now finding ways to undo the effect. Some are creating shorter routes for workers to provide them with more time at home, which can be an ideal alternative to […]


5 Reasons to Start Recycling Water at Your Workplace

Drop of water in white background

Although over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, only a small percentage of it is available for direct human consumption. With the current high rate of population growth, pressure has been consistent with this precious resource. The drastic changes in climate don’t make things any better, and there’s a need to extend […]


Campus Check: Is Your School Toilet Hygienic?

Public restroom

It may seem like a bit of a stretch to say that the condition of school toilets affects academic success, but experts believe so. According to researchers from Otago University and Public Health South, most NZ students struggle with unsanitary facilities in school, putting them at risk for health problems. Avoiding restrooms because they stink, […]


Spotting Food Allergies in Your Pet Dog

British Bulldog eating from a bowl

Although dogs today look far from the wild animals they evolved from, their digestive system is still like that of their cousins in the wild. They eat raw protein from the hunt. However, dogs these days enjoy easy meals scooped up into their personalized dog bowls. These meals may contain ingredients that dogs should not […]


Three Good Reasons to Move to a New City (or State!)

Movers unloading the truck

Moving to a new place can be a tough call. This entails adjusting to a new neighbourhood, meeting new people, and familiarising yourself with a new lifestyle. But sometimes, this is the best decision that you could make. You do not have to move right away, though. You need to make sure that your current […]


Qualities to Consider in Video Production

Photo of a camera focused on its lens

In any form, provided that it is targeting the right audience, content can do wonders and influence crucial life decisions. This is why businesses and brands do not think much about the money and effort they put into content marketing. When it comes to video production, however, you would want to put in a bit […]