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Design Defined: The Most Popular Options for Exterior Siding

Brick sidingSiding is an ideal way to define the design and add color to your house. There are plenty of choices to help you develop an impeccable facade. Even though aesthetics are usually essential, you also have to think about the durability, versatility, ease of installation and capacity to resist water of the material. Here are the most popular sidings in Maryland and all over the country:

Brick Siding

Actual bricks are manufactured from fired clay and are available in varied textures and sizes. Commonly seen in English, Colonial and Tudor cottage exteriors, bricks offer a stunning appearance that has lasted hundreds of years and endured the tests of time. Nowadays, brick siding is commonly a layer placed outside of the house’s wood frame structure. It mainly uses mortar to grip the bricks together.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is easy to maintain, versatile and cheap, which is why this is the most famous siding option in the country. Although some homeowners and design professionals dislike its plastic appearance, they come in a range of styles and colors.

Wood Siding

Typically, seen in Cape Cod, cottage and bungalow exteriors, wood siding provides a chic appearance. It can even be durable if the homeowners know how to maintain it properly. If you’re considering this, take note that it needs periodic maintenance, such as staining or painting and chalking to avoid weather damage. You also need to remember that it is also vulnerable to rodent or insect attacks. Depending on how you maintain it, rich wood siding typically lasts for 10 to 100 years.

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If viewing from a practical perspective, siding protects your home. Meanwhile, architectural perspective has decided to consider a range of materials to emphasize particular aspects of a home. Determine which one best suits the design of your home and what would be ideal for the long run.

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