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Don’t Have a Pauper’s Funeral! Get a Funeral Plan Instead

funeral advisor with a female clientDue to the increasing cost of funerals, many UK families cannot afford the bill when a loved one dies. The average price of a funeral now exceeds £4,000. For families earning low wages, on temporary contracts or part-time work, the amount is often unobtainable. Funeral costs are meant to be covered by the person’s estate, but if they don’t have enough savings, it could leave their nearest and dearest in debt.

Poor Families Banned from Funerals

Many local councils offer a public health funeral for those who cannot afford a burial service. Families on a budget can ask for a government-funded pauper’s funeral, but there are instances when the councils has banned relatives from attending the funeral of their loved ones. Some officials explain that this is to discourage people from using the pauper’s funeral. In some cases, the ashes of the deceased are withheld.

Advanced Funeral Planning

People can prevent this from happening by taking a pre-paid funeral plan in the UK. This will ensure that everything is taken care of after their death. Funeral plan providers will consider your financial situation and help you prepare the kind of service that suits your situation.

Pre-paid funeral plans work like an insurance policy. The cost varies depending on the type of funeral required. These funeral plans can include embalming, flowers, a coffin, hearse, headstone, funeral service, and burial or cremation.

‘Green’ service options offer woodland burials, but some things could be excluded, such as mortuary fees or plot fees. Some ‘green’ services have the ‘no services’ option and the biodegradable coffin option. A funeral advisor can help you pick the right plan.

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Planning a funeral is never easy. But with a funeral plan, you can get the farewell you want without leaving a financial burden to your loved ones.

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