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How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Switzerland in 2018?

glass of wine with grapes and cheese on the side during fall season in SwitzerlandThe actual cost of visiting Switzerland for a vacation will depend on where you plan to stay and the time of your trip.

Some activities might also be cheaper when booked with a travel agency like Alpenwild if you intend to stay there for this year’s holiday season. For instance, going to the Haute Route will be more affordable if you plan your trip as early as now.

Early Preparations

You can save money on beverage expenses by planning a trip during January or July when retailers mark down prices for bottled water or hot drinks. Don’t forget to bring your container since the discount applies to the beverage itself. If shopping compels you to visit the country, these months are also some of the best times to find bargain prices for clothes and personal gadgets.

Another cost-saving option requires you to book a hotel to get a free transportation card. Check for accommodations in Basel, Geneva, or Ticino where guests are entitled to free transit cards. Some of them might even offer discounts on other attractions. Skiing is also a perennial favorite in Switzerland, and some hotels customize their surroundings to lure guests.

Rooftop Ski Slopes

A luxury hotel project in Vallée de Joux will have a crisscrossed rooftop where you can ski from the top of the building. The lodge will have five levels where people can ski while having a bird's-eye view of the surroundings.

Once finished, guests can also access the hotel’s spa or bar from any level of the ski path. While there are several other trails in the country, this feature will compel visitors to stay for the convenience of skiing without leaving their hotel.

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Despite the high cost of living in Switzerland, tourists shouldn’t have to feel like they need to spend a lot to explore the country. Look for a travel agency that can customize your trip to suit your budget.

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