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How to Hire the Perfect Personal Trainers for Your Fitness Gym Franchise

Personal trainer guiding a woman working outA certified personal trainer, whether through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), is difficult to come by. But a certified personal trainer who also has excellent people skills is even harder to find.

If you’re planning on operating a fitness franchise, you need an excellent team of personal trainers. Here’s what you should look for when finding the perfect personal trainers for your franchise.

Excellent Communicator

The best personal trainers have great communication skills. When speaking with a prospect, you could determine how they communicate by asking them to explain how to do a certain exercise.

You need someone who’s confident and authoritative yet approachable and friendly. They should never be intimidating. Stay away from personal trainers who love throwing in fitness jargon in conversations but then don’t know how to explain them in layman’s terms, or worse, execute what they’re talking about.

The Ability to Perform Primary Tasks

While employers see this trait as the most important when hiring personal trainers, you shouldn’t focus solely on it. Yes, a candidate must be able to perform well, but you must first determine if they would fit properly into your gym culture.

Remember that you could always teach skills, but you couldn’t change a person’s values. If your fitness gym emphasizes recovery and injury prevention, then a personal trainer who focuses on bodybuilding or heavy reps rather than form or safety is probably not fit for your gym.

Keep in mind gym culture and environment would differ widely from one fitness gym to another, which means that you should choose personal trainers that you deem a perfect fit for your gym. Keep the tips above in mind when making a shortlist of personal trainer candidates for your fitness gym.

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