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Is It Possible To Renovate Your Bathroom For Just $10,000?

BathroomHomeowners in Australia could spend just $10,000 if they want to renovate their bathroom, but this requires you to cut corners particularly on the cost of materials.

While it’s possible to remodel your bathroom with that amount, you would need to use low-end materials. You should consider spending another $10,000 for mid-quality work. If you need affordable materials from tile trim suppliers, there are different choices without spending a fortune.

Cost Of Labour

Those who only need professional service for bathroom renovations may also expect to pay an average rate of $65 per hour. Some contractors charge up to around $80 per hour, while others may only require an hourly rate of $50.

Don’t always choose the lowest-priced rate since that doesn’t mean you’ll be saving money. At the same time, paying the highest hourly rate doesn’t guarantee quality work, so you should carefully think of who should be handling the project instead of solely focusing on the cost of labour. Ask quotes from at least three professionals before making a decision.

Types of Renovation

The kind of refurbishment you need for the bathroom will also determine the overall price. Homeowners who require a full renovation will need to hire an electrician, plumber, tiler and waterproofer.

This means that you could be paying each of them a standard hourly rate, depending on the duration of the project. If you don’t want to spend a lot upfront, you can start by hiring a plumber and electrician first. Tiling and waterproofing services may be deferred only if you could afford not to use the space for some time.

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A renovated bathroom not only improves the quality of living inside your home, but it also increases the value of your property. Try to spend within the average amount for a remodelling project, particularly for the quality of materials.

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