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Preparing for Transport: Truck Loading Requirements

Truck TrailerThe New Zealand government created a truck loading code to provide guidance for the safety of the loads on heavy vehicles. The legislation includes fines of $2,000 to $10,000 on offences such as insecure loads falling from trucks.

Avoid paying high fines, and protect your staff, fellow drivers and civilians. Learn the things to consider when loading.

Load Security

Secure the packets or loads to prevent them from moving during transport. Before using securing devices or lashings, determine the weight of the loads and the rated strength of the lashings or chains. Install the lashings from one side of the deck to the anchor point.

Vehicle or truck trailer manufacturers offer transport solutions with or without headboards. If the vehicle or truck manufactured has no headboard, use securing devices that have a combined strength of at least twice the load’s weight. For example, if the load is 10 tonnes, use two chains, each capable of handling the weight.

On the other hand, loading with a headboard requires lashings with a combined strength of the packet’s weight. For a 10-tonne load, use two chains with a 5-tonne rated strength.

If the headboard can only support the lower loads, use two securing devices with a combined strength of at least 1.5 times their weight. That is, a 10-tonne load will require two chains with 7.5 rated strength each.

Load Distribution

The code strictly requires keeping within the maximum legal weight limits and vehicle size. Always place the loads against the headboard or follow the load securing system.

Spread the load in equal distribution of weight, placing the heavier or larger items at the bottom, to keep the centre of gravity in the middle of the truck.

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In addition, the height of the load must not exceed its length or twice the width. The load must not go beyond 3 metres from the front or behind the rear of the vehicle. If it is over 1 metre, attach a 400mm clean white or fluorescent flag at its end.

To avoid traffic troubles during transport, know the proper way of placing loads or heavy vehicles in your truck. Think of the loads as your children in the back seat. Keep them safe, so you will have a worry-free time on the road.

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