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Privacy Policy

We know you mean business, and so do we.

Our organization works hard to provide our readers with a safe and secure experience with us. We hope to give you enough privacy and protection, so you won’t hesitate sharing information that can yield better results for you.

Info Sharing

In Start with a Seed, we let you take control of your experience. Should you choose to disclose personal and very private information with us, you are assured that its sole purpose is for your enhanced experience and not anything else.

We know that all data shared with us by our readers are confidential, and we assure them that they will be treated like so.

In the event of social media sites asking for user information, you have the liberty to choose whether you will disclose this information or not. Please note, however, that through these sites, we are able to provide you better experience and keep you updated with the latest news and happenings in our site

External Links

Links that lead you to other websites are there to provide in-depth information that supports the facts stated in the articles

We make sure that these websites are trusted and reliable sources of information. If, however, these sites ask for your information, we recommend that you go over their privacy policy before deciding to share your personal information with them. This is to avoid unnecessary claims and troubles with unfamiliar groups that you hesitate to disclose any sensitive information with.