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Patient Consulting with a Doctor
If you have missing teeth and dread having to smile for the camera, you do not have to just learn to live with the gaps. There is a tried and tested, reliable solution available called dental implants.

Dental implants are a modern and clever restoration method that creates replacement teeth designed to look, feel and behave just like a natural and healthy tooth would.

In Richmond, dental implants at dentists such as Sheen Dental Implants can remove any issues with biting, chewing or speech, so you will be able to eat all your favourite foods and talk without any worry about slippage or pain. Go on! Maybe it’s time to take a big bite of that apple. You can now restore your natural smile, enhancing it aesthetically and functionally, will greatly increase your confidence and self-esteem once you see your new smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant in Richmond is an artificial root for your teeth that is made of one of the world’s strongest metals —titanium. This is carefully implanted into your jawbone. To enhance the strength, the bone tissue naturally wraps itself around this new artificial root, creating a seamless bond onto which the dentist can attach replacement crowns.

Protect Healthy Bone

Empty spaces in your mouth can cause big oral health concerns, such as the loss and deterioration of segments of jawbone. Dental implants in Richmond behave like the missing tooth and so stimulate the bone tissue to grow and prevent further bone loss.

You will need to take good care of your dental implants with regular trips to your dentist. An added bonus of dental implants is that you will not be able to get cavities in the replacement teeth. They simply cannot occur in implant restored teeth.

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How Long Do They Last?

Dental implants have been around for many years. Technology has evolved to make the procedure streamlined, convenient and safe. The evolution of dental implants means you can rely on the process to get the results you desire.

Repeatedly the longevity had been proven through thousands of dental implant procedures around the world. If cared for properly and with regular dental checkups, your dental implants could last a lifetime.

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