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Some Tips for Planning to Stay in a London Hostel

hotel front deskStaying for a night or two in London as a part of a longer tour or just simply sightseeing can get very expensive. Good thing there are hostels. Hostels, of course, should not be compared to hotels in terms of amenities and quality of service. Built for a different purpose, hostels are not always cramped and noisy. There are hostels with private rooms in London. They are clean, neatly designed, and spacious.

Budget hotels can cost at least ÂŁ50 or more per night. With hostels, you spend far less. To get the best deal and a stress-free stay, read on.

1. Compare hostels using at least three travel sites.

Travel sites are the best sources of information when looking for a hostel. But bear in mind that reviews of one or two sites are not enough to warrant a good overall picture of a hostel. Hostels cater to different ages, genders, and purposes, much less the personal preference of the reviewer. Thus, a review could be entirely different from every other review. Having more to compare will help you get the appropriate review for a specific hostel.

2. Be smart in choosing a cheap hostel.

Care and some common sense are needed when you decide to book for the cheapest rooms. The problem with the cheapest ones is that they are the most sought after, hence the most populated. There is really no privacy. People walk about a lot, and yes, expect shared bathrooms and rubbish, untidy common areas. As a rule, look for the next cheapest and further down if you need a little bit more privacy and neatness.

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3. Book for private rooms when travelling with friends.

Travelling alone can give you an easier time choosing from an array of options. But when you travel with your buddies, it gets harder. In London, most hostels offering private rooms provide two- to six-bed private rooms. It is a better deal when staying in with people you know as you can have the space all for yourself. They are cleaner, too, and may have an en suite bathroom. Private rooms can be like hotel rooms when with friends.

Travelling to London to party or visit tourist spots should not be ruined by a wrongly chosen hostel. It is advisable to compare hostels smartly, from price to the type of rooms.

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