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Construction Management: Adopting Effective Material Management Strategies

Construction material management is an important aspect of project management. It involves the planning, acquisition and control of construction materials during the construction process. It also deals with the safe handling of any generated waste to minimize its effects to the environment. Sources of construction waste may include demolition waste and other defective construction materials. […]

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The Incredible Advantages of Glass as a Construction Material

Glass has been gaining popularity as a great material for constructing contemporary homes and modern or industrial buildings. Among the top reasons behind this are its versatility and availability in multiple varieties. Here are the major benefits of using glass as a construction material. Aesthetic and Functional Advantages In large-scale construction projects such as in buildings […]

Industry Leaders

Civil Engineers: Who Needs Them?

Civil engineers have the expertise to not only design infrastructure projects. They are also equipped to supervise them. Their services come in handy during the construction of airports, dams, bridges, and pipelines — just to mention a few. Yes, this field of expertise is important in an urban setting. If you have ever wondered what […]