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The Incredible Advantages of Glass as a Construction Material

windows installation at construction siteGlass has been gaining popularity as a great material for constructing contemporary homes and modern or industrial buildings. Among the top reasons behind this are its versatility and availability in multiple varieties. Here are the major benefits of using glass as a construction material.

Aesthetic and Functional Advantages

In large-scale construction projects such as in buildings and establishments, glass is favoured for its light-weight. The material reduces the dead load of the structure. Also, as the material is transparent, it doesn’t obstruct the views. The result is a larger-looking area and an airier ambience.

Glass is also widely used in home exteriors. Frameless glass balustrades, for instance, are used in pool areas, balconies, and many other outdoor living spaces. Installing glass panels and fences is an efficient way to let natural light flow inside properties. The material transmits up to 80% of natural light.

Energy Efficiency and Minimal Maintenance

Other than its aesthetic benefit, glass is likewise an energy efficient material. It can be treated to minimise glare and heat absorption, resulting in lower cooling costs. As it naturally harnesses sunlight, you can cut energy consumption.

For exterior applications, the glass used is fully weather resistant. It can withstand outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and sunlight while preserving its smooth and sleek appearance and sturdiness. It doesn’t degrade as well, as it’s resistant to damaging chemicals. This means you can expect your glass panels, fences, balustrades, partitions and walls to last for a very long time.

What’s more, the material requires little to no maintenance. Thanks to its smooth glossy surface, dust doesn’t stick and accumulate in a significant amount. Simple wiping does the job. Unlike other materials such as metal and wood, you’ll never have to spend money on staining and painting.

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These are the reasons behind glass’ growing popularity in the construction and interior design industries. It doesn’t just lend a modern architectural appeal to properties; they also make a practical and versatile material.

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