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The Latest Culinary Trends That You Should Try in 2018

Chef decorating food on a plateFood presentation plays an important role when it comes to culinary events. However, there are several factors that you may want to consider aside from preparing those perfectly crafted deli bowls. Here are a few of the latest trends in food presentation that you might want to remember this year.

Precision in Plating

It’s been a staple design to arrange food with bountiful garnish and various elements to make it appear effortlessly beautiful. However, a growing number of chefs are taking a completely different approach this year. Dishes are now more structured and meticulously designed to exhibit the chef’s plating skills.

A Touch of Floral

Adding edible flowers these days is a great idea if you want to add a bit of vibrancy and colour to a meal. Although they don’t make a huge impact when it comes to the taste of the dish, adding a few petals can make it more intriguing and could even add a unique appeal to the dish.

A Monochromatic Palette

Another way to get attention is by eliminating contrasting colours and just playing with a single hue. Although monochrome dishes aren’t exactly new, several chefs are now going back to the trend and are trying to strip it down to the basics.

Edible Metal

Another way to make a dish memorable is by adding a touch of precious metal. Although edible gold leaf doesn’t have any effect on the taste of the food, adding it can give the dish a more glittery appearance and somehow add a flair of luxury to the dish.

Always remember that trends come and go, but diners can remember a great dish that’s thoughtfully plated and handled with creativity. Considering these trends to create a visually appealing dish, which can be a great opportunity for aspiring chefs to exhibit their skills.

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