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Types of Nozzles for Spray Tanks

Man spraying bricks with waterSpray tanks from suppliers such as Rapid Spray, are a common sight in industrial, residential, agricultural and firefighting applications. These tanks come in different sizes made from lightweight, impact and crack-resistant materials, which are easy to clean, service and fill.

There are various components of a spray tank, one of them being its spray nozzle. Most buyers regard the nozzle as the least important component when evaluating the available spray tanks for sale.

The nozzle, however, determines your sprayer’s flow rates, droplet size, patterns, and spray angles and hence forms a crucial part. Here are your nozzle options when buying a spray tank.

Flat-Fan Nozzles

These generate a line of spray. The nozzles are hence generally used in cleaning and coating applications in conveyors in which the item to be sprayed passes under a spray bar comprising several flat fan nozzles.

Flat fan nozzles have a higher spray impact and bigger droplet sizes compared to full-cone nozzles. Air atomising nozzles are the ideal type of flat fan for buyers looking for very fine droplets.

Hollow-Cone Nozzles

These generate a ring of spray with the heaviest droplets concentrated around the edge of the ring and little in the middle. There are three primary designs of hollow-cone nozzles, including axial whirls, tangential whirls, and spirals. Hollow-cone nozzles generally produce the smallest droplets with low and medium impact.

Full-Cone Nozzles

These generate a solid spray circle. They are used in applications that need even fluid distribution over a specific area. There are four full-cone nozzle designs. These include axial whirl, air atomising, tangential whirl and spiral full-cone nozzles.

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The exact droplet size you get from the nozzle types above also depends on the pressure you use. High pressure will increase your flow rate but will reduce your droplet size and increases the rate of wear of your sprayer’s orifice. Your nozzle is hence a choice to be diligently undertaken to meet your needs.

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