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What Exactly is a Digital Agency?

Digital AgencyPut simply, a digital agency seldom performs print work but rather it’s a field that has progressed into more than making websites. This also includes handling social media platforms, mobile, applications, podcasts, software, kiosks, and digital signage among others. It requires a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the processes and medium to effectively guide and cultivate a brand through a vast digital landscape.

And while the key principles of brand promotion are still implemented, Sphere and other online marketing agencies noted that digital agencies in Melbourne and the rest of the world focus on something bigger.

Not Just a Web Design or an Advertising Agency

An advertising agency mainly works with traditional media, while a digital agency mainly works with digital and Internet campaigns. Ad agencies also make money from placing ads rather than the actual process of making ads, while digital agencies make money through the technical and creative services they provide.

In addition, a digital agency can do more than a web design company. According to online PR specialists, a real digital agency recognises the entire scope of a client’s requirements, and possesses the right expertise and tools to deliver a multi-platform and wide-reaching online campaign.

In general, digital agencies offer the following services:

  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile App Creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Design and Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Public Relations or PR
  • Data Analysis
  • Online Video
  • Email Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Blogger Outreach

Knowing the right technologies and tools isn’t enough, however. A competent digital agency is composed of problem solvers, as well as creative and intelligent storytellers. It is intent on standing out from the rest through their client partnerships, and is always on the lookout for innovative ways and technologies that will benefit its clients and help them get their message across and achieve their goals.

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More and more businesses are working with digital agencies because they can now see that the once mysterious and intimidating digital landscape is rapidly becoming the most effective, economical, and measurable channel to invest their marketing dollars in. They’re now realising that their chances of penetrating their target market is within their grasp when they work with digital agencies because these agencies employ their strategic and creative expertise to deliver measurable and concrete results.

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